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Students, Hair on a Budget

  • Students, Hair on a Budget

    Question: I’m a student. I’m on a tight budget, but I love getting my hair coloured. I’m wondering what my options are?

    Paula’s Answer: I can give you beautiful results with budget in mind, and we do have student pricing, so that will help. My biggest thing I want you to consider is the consultation with the stylist. You really need to let us know what your ultimate goal will be, what you would love…and from there let the stylist know what your budget is. If you can ensure your stylist knows your budgeting needs, we can place the color and put the color the way you would want, and still think of the costs. For example, we can take into consideration the placement of the color. That’s a way we can be budget conscious, and you won’t have to be in as often.

    Another thing to consider is to not go too far off what your natural level is. You can still go brighter, but you may not want to go a whole lot lighter or a whole lot darker. Even if we did the bottom darker, and on top we stayed closer to your natural colour, this is a way to get the dramatic look you may want, without needing the same type of maintenance. The shape of your haircut can also be considered when thinking about how often you would need to be visiting the salon as your hair grows.

    My suggestion to students is to visit the salon, as we do have pricing for students, and be sure to consult with us. Let us know what you are feeling, where your budget is, and we can work within that.

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Students, Hair on a Budget

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