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What kind of curl do I have?

  • What kind of curl do I have?

    Question: I have “kind of” curly hair, or hair with a little bit of curl to it. What can I do with it? What do you recommend?

    Paula’s Answer: First, it’s important to recognize what kind of texture your natural texture is. There is straight hair that can have a bit of flick to it, or if you encourage it, it has some wave. We call that S’wavy curl. Then there is a Wavy curl; it has a bit of curl formation to it, not really springing, but not too curly. We also have the Botticelli curl; it’s a strong curl, but not too frizzy. Where if you go to the Corkscrew curl, it’s so springy it shortens the hair.

    The next step for curly hair is understanding that while it’s important to clean your hair, it’s just as important not to rough it up when styling. We carry an incredible line for curly hair called Devacurl. They have a no-poo and low-poo shampoo that will clean your hair, but won’t rough it up. It’s not going to lather, and there are no sulphates or products that remove the moisture or hydration.  Once you have your hair shampooed & conditioned, curly hair needs products to add even more hydration. You are going to work the product through with your hands, but you won’t be combing your hair. You will towel it dry by tipping your hair upside down and squeezing the moisture into your hair, not out of it.  Be really nice to curly hair when it’s wet, this is the foundation for beautiful waves and curls.

    The Devacurl line is so specific to curly hair, it’s why we carry it!

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What kind of curl do I have?

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