3D Eyebrow Enhancement

Personally, why did you get MicroStroking done?

“I had microstroking done because I had very little eyebrows and was tired of filling them in. I love how natural they look without having to do anything to them. The best part is waking up with perfect brows!” –Courtney Grandy

“I decided to have microstroking because due to thyroid issues and menopause my brows were thinning. The ends of my brows were disappearing, and it was difficult to create a natural looking brow. A 3D Eyebrow enhancement allowed me to have a fuller, natural look. I don’t have to fill them in everyday, and I love that! I will always continue to have this service done.” –Ceanne Evans

“I am so happy I had the Signature MicroStroking service done. I love the shape, and I was able to cover up a scar I have in one my eyebrows. I found I would spend lots of time in the morning filling in my brows and trying to conceal my scar and add more to my brows. I love that this is such a natural look.” –Olivia Tee

“I had 3D Eyebrow Enhancements done because I wanted to have fuller, perfect brows…it’s so much more convenient every morning! I especially love them because they look so natural and are so easy! –Ashley Mulley

“My eyebrows were so thin and ugly. It would take me so long to make them look sensible. I love my new brows because I don’t have to do anything with them. They look so real. I would like to mention that when Amy was doing my brows she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Also she took the time to explain to me what she was doing. I would recommend this procedure to anyone with Amy.” –Catherine Grandy

I was always self conscious about my brows, and that I could never achieve the shape I wanted. Thanks to Signature MicroStroking my brows are always perfect. I don’t have to fill them in, and I never feel self-conscious anymore. I LOVE my new brows! –Jessica Vincent



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