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  • Nail Biting

    Question: I would love to have a professional manicure, but I’m embarrassed that I bite my nails. Paula’s Answer: The first step you can take is having the desire to stop biting your nails, then seeking help with a professional moving forward.  Consult with a nail technician, talk about your final goal, and learn how […]

  • Bob Cut Hair Styles

    Question: I’ve been wearing a “bob” for a long time, I’m getting tired of it…any suggestions? Paula’s Answer: You can certainly change your look completely, and with pictures, and a consultation we could find a new look for you.  It just so happens that for Spring 2012, the bob cut is “in”, so, I would […]

  • Chlorine & Hair

    Question: Hi Paula, I am getting married next month and I was going to get some highlights. I do a lot of swimming and I was told that my hair may turn green from the chlorine. Is this true and is there anything to prevent it if it is? Paula’s Answer:  There is some truth […]

  • Curly Hair

    Question: Paula,  I have extremely curly hair. I’ve tried multiple styles and cuts. It always ends up being the same way – frizzy, bushy, and uncontrollable. Please help! Paula’s Answer: Curly hair is unique to the person who wears it. If you learn to embrace the curls, its personality will shine through. Curly hair is […]

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