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  • Grey Hair

    Question:  My hair is grey. I like it, but it’s dull, no shine…Paula, help!  Paula’s Answer:  Usually as you grey, your hair changes. The quality and texture may change.  If you had finer hair, it may come in coarser; if you had coarser hair, it may come in finer. Generally, because grey hair is lacking […]

  • Spring/Summer Looks 2012

    Question:  What’s “in” for Spring~Summer of 2012? Paula’s Answer: Big hair is in, especially long, loose, wavy hair.  If you have naturally curly hair, let it be curly.  Make it big, even bigger than what it is! Get out your hot rollers, curling irons, flat irons and wave irons. Use these tools to achieve a […]

  • Recreate a Salon Look at Home

    Question:  When I blow dry my hair, I can never get it as smooth and as bouncy as in the salon, help! Paula’s Answer:  The key to getting the same results at home is by duplicating what your stylist is doing in the salon, and doing it at home. There are a few factors that […]

  • Self-tanners

    Question: When I use a self-tanner, it always ends up being blotchy. What am I doing wrong, any suggestions? Paula’s Answer: In order to prevent streaking and blotching, it is really important to take some time to prepare your skin for the self-tanner.  I would recommend that you exfoliate first, especially the drier areas of […]

  • Skin Care ~ Exfoliate

    Question: Paula, my skin is starting to feel dull, and I have fine lines…help! Paula’s Answer: First thing, and foremost, come visit an esthetician, a skincare professional will help you to address your concerns. The best place to start is a professional skin exfoliation treatment. An exfoliation treatment will resurface your skin, smooth your skin, […]

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