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  • Long Lasting Polish

    Question: My nails are always cracking and becoming really high maintenance. When I do get a manicure the polish chips so quickly afterwards. Do you have any solutions or products to help with this? Paula’s Answer: The best solution would be the manicure service we provide that promotes no chipping and no smudging; it stays […]

  • Crimping

    Question: Is there a difference between the crimping irons available today from the ones of the 80s & 90s? And what is trending with crimping, how should I use it? Paula’s Answer: Today, crimping irons are ceramic and ion irons that produce an even heat, and they come in a variety of sizes. The crimping […]

  • Skin Perfect

    Question: My skin is starting to look a little blotchy and a little more aged. Is there anything I can do to slow down the aging process and make my skin look a little better? Paula’s Answer: We have a brand new product in our Dermalogica skin care line called Skin Perfect Primer with an […]

  • Bangs

    Question: I’m considering bangs but I’m not sure what style, or what would suit me? What advice would you offer? What should I talk to my stylist about? Paula’s Answer: Getting bangs can be a major change; going to your stylist to help you get what you want is very important. It is very tempting […]

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