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  • Short Hair Trends

    Question: I really love short hair. I love the look. What are the hot trends right now for shorter hair? Paula’s Answer: Short hair right now is very versatile. It can look very smooth, soft and flowing or very textured, piecey and disheveled. The short hair cut right now is not necessarily one way or […]

  • Colour Trends

    Question:  I’ve never had colour treatment before, but I’m considering it. What trends are there right now, and what options do I have? Paula’s Answer:  The shades this summer range from natural looking colours to very bold colour punches. Colour trends are suitable for anyone by customizing the look to suit your personality and lifestyle. […]

  • Highlighting Curly Hair

    Question: Paula, I really need some advice on the proper way to highlight curly hair. I have long, thick, dark brown, ringlet-curly hair. I would like to spice it up from the solid colour I’m used to getting.  Should the highlights be dark or light, thick or thin, hat or foils. I would really like […]

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