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  • Fall Trends 2012

    Question: Back to School, Back to Routine~ Fall is just around the corner, what is trending for makeup and nails this fall? Paula’s Answer: Regarding lips, Mulberry is the hot trend for fall. This can be applied to the lips in a matte finish, a full lip with shine or as a stain. Think wine […]

  • Colour Too Dark

    Question: My friend agreed to make my hair a shade darker, and it turned out much darker. Can I return to my “blondes” in one colouring or do I have to get there in steps? Paula’s Answer: It is important for us to gather us much information about what was used to colour your hair […]

  • Itchy Scalp

    Question: My scalp is itchy at times, but not flaky. Is there any reason for this, do you have any advice to offer? Paula’s Answer: It is common for people to find a tightness or itchiness on their scalp but have no dandruff and this is often caused by the shampoo you are using. If […]

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