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  • Sensitive Skin

    Question: Paula, I am experiencing some skin sensitivity. Just wondering if you might be able to help and can offer some suggestions. What can I do? And why might I be experiencing this? Paula’s Answer: There are multiple things to consider in finding the source of the sensitivity of your skin. Skin sensitivity happens a […]

  • Styling Children’s Long Hair

    Question: I have a daughter (in elementary school) that has beautiful long hair. I need some suggestions on styling tips and alternatives for putting her hair up? Paula’s Answer: This is something that both moms and dads ask for. We’ve had questions from Dads asking, “How can I do this quickly and get my daughter […]

  • Thickness & Fullness for Fine Hair

    Question: Hi Paula, I have extremely fine hair. I don’t really use any products except for a volumizing shampoo & conditioner. What would you recommend as a solution to making my hair look thicker and fuller without having to spend too much time on it? When I straighten my hair it often looks flat because […]

  • Blonde to Red

    Question: I’ve been blonde for a quite awhile and I am considering going darker, maybe a shade of red. What are your thoughts? Paula’s Answer: We love to change our hair colours with the seasons. It is common that after having blonde, lighter hair throughout the summer to desire to go to a richer, deeper […]

  • Bikini Waxing

    Question: I am considering a waxing for hair removal in my bikini area, is there anything I should know before I arrive for this? Paula’s Answer: Waxing goes all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. It is performed a few different ways and for different reasons. Often it is done for hygiene and for […]

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