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  • The Signature Look

    The Signature Salon presents “The Signature Look”! The Signature Look is a group of services that are packaged together as one gift. The idea behind The Signature Look is to not only give you a sample of all the services we provide here at the Salon, but also to help you achieve YOUR Signature Look […]

  • Lighten Black Hair

    Question: I have black hair, and I’ve been using black for quite a while. I’d like to go a little lighter but I hear that there is the potential of going orange? Paula’s Answer: This is a question that we are asked a lot. First, my advice is stay away from doing your own hair. […]

  • Bouncy, Loose Waves

    Question: Paula, I am seeing a lot of bouncy, loose waves on people. Is there an easy way to achieve this look? I like the look and would like to try it myself. Paula’s Answer: Bouncy, loose waves are definitely ‘on trend’ and something you will see this winter. You are seeing waves on all […]

  • Staying Current

    Question: Paula, every week you have something new to bring to the table for “In the Mirror”. How do you and your staff keep up in the ever-changing beauty industry? Paula’s Answer: We have a large clientele, and I have a large group of professionals to keep trained. Our clients look to us to keep […]

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