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  • Graduation ~ 2013

    Question: My daughter is graduating in April. Does The Signature Salon offer any packages for graduates? Paula’s Answer: Yes, and our team of professionals at the salon are anticipating and excited for graduation time. We offer many services that graduates enjoy taking advantage of and this year we are offering great savings…the more services they […]

  • Skin Changes

    Question: I am turning 35 and my skin seems to be changing, but not for the better. I’m getting more breakouts and drier skin. Is this due to aging? Is there anything out there that can help me with it? Paula’s Answer: Skincare is a big part of The Signature Salon. We have professionally trained […]

  • Growing Out Length & Bangs

    Question: My hair is very short at the moment and I’m starting to grow it out again. I wanted to start to grow my bangs now as well, since it’s about that length. I was wondering if it would look like too much of a mushroom cut though? Paula’s Answer: First I would go to […]

  • Static Hair

    Question: During the winter I find there is so much static in my hair, what can I do about it? Paula’s Answer: Typically during the winter the air is drier inside and outside. Protection and conditioning is key! Protect the fibres of your hair by shampooing with a pH balanced shampoo. Choose a shampoo specific […]

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