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  • Waxing

    Question: I am considering a waxing for hair removal in my bikini area, is there anything I should know before I arrive for this? Paula’s Answer: Waxing goes all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. It is performed a few different ways and for different reasons. Often it is done for hygiene and for […]

  • Curly Hair

    Question: I have extremely curly hair. I have tried multiple styles and cuts, but it always ends up being the same way – frizzy, bushy, and uncontrollable. Please help! Paula’s Answer: Curly hair is unique to the person who wears it. If you learn to embrace the curls, its personality will shine through. Curly hair […]

  • Dry Hair, Colour Fading

    Question: Generally, I’m finding in the winter months my hair seems a lot drier and the colour seem to be fading faster. Is there any reason for this and can you offer any suggestions? Paula’s Answer: This is pretty common if you are not hydrating and protecting your hair enough as part of your daily […]

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