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  • Recreate Look at Home

    Question: Sometimes I find it hard to recreate the look I got when I was in a salon. Is there any way I can do at home what gets done in the salon? Paula’s Answer: Your visit at the salon should really be all about you. When you leave the salon feeling amazing, you want […]

  • Wedding Glow, Sunless Tanning

    Question: My wedding is just around the corner, do you offer spray tanning? Paula’s Answer: We do! We offer the #1 sunless solution requested worldwide, the Norvell Sunless System. It’s great for all year long, whether that is an evening out, graduation, or wedding and it’s good for all ages. It’s a great alternative to […]

  • Dry Skin, Traveling

    Question: What can I do to address dry skin while traveling? Paula’s Answer: There are a lot of things that contribute to the concerns you may have with dry skin when traveling, especially flying. Things like recycled air and the chemicals in it, fluctuating temperatures, and of course the unnatural pressurized environment that sucks the […]

  • Make-up Trends 2013

    Question: What are the trends for makeup this Spring/Summer 2013? Paula’s Answer: Eyes will be a main focus this spring! The essential go-to product in your makeup bag this season will be your eyeliner. Look for dark black-brown liners, but also colored eyeliners in neon green, teal, blue and pink. They will also be dramatized […]

  • Nails ~ Spring/Summer 2013

    Question: Nails, Manicures & Pedicures-what is currently trending with nail polish and nail designs? Paula’s Answer: We have an entire area of the Salon designated for nail care, a beautiful and bright manicure area and a relaxing, comfortable pedicure room. There are options for longevity and durability within our different nail systems. Our nail technicians […]

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