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  • Roots getting darker, hair getting lighter?

    Question: My hair seems to be getting lighter, but my roots are darker, what’s going on? Paula’s Answer: Quite possibly when her hair was done light, it is now going lighter because she is in the sun longer, or maybe she is not doing the protection needed with leave-in conditioners and serums. The more and […]

  • Summer Heat and Curls

    Question:  Summer heat and outdoor activities make it hard to control my wavy, curly hair. Do you have any suggestions? Paula’s Answer: Most importantly, use products for your hair type they will help to control your curls! Moroccanoil has great products for curly hair, as does Bed Head. SFactor products are great for smoothing and […]

  • Eye Serum

    Question: I have very sensitive skin around my eyes and I can’t use any creams because I breakout and react so easily. Is there any help out there for me? Paula’s Answer: The Dermalogica Skin Care line has recently introduced a brand NEW eye cream that would help. She mentioned that she has heightened sensitivity […]

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