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  • Moroccanoil Treatments

    Question: My hair after all summer looks worn out and dry. I’m contemplating a new fall look. Any suggestions? Paula’s Answer: The perfect solution for this is the Moroccanoil hair care line, specifically their hair treatments and scalp treatments. The Moroccanoil line is all about making the hair fibre very healthy and the scalp healthy. […]

  • Foundation

    Question: I have never worn foundation, but as I age, I’m realizing I may need some to help even out the tone of my skin. What kind of advice can you offer? Paula’s Answer: Some people wear foundation, and some choose to not wear it. For someone who has never worn foundation and is looking […]

  • Summertime Hair Care

    Question: In the summertime my hair feels really different. I’m not doing anything different to it, is there any reason it would change in the summer? Paula’s Answer: I find that because clients are outdoors more in the summer than in the winter, your hair is more exposed to the elements. Things like being by […]

  • Oily Hair Solutions

    Question: I have long, straight, very fine brunette hair, so I have to wash it daily. The problem that I’ve struggled with for months is that the bangs and the part on top are always greasy looking. I have tried a lot of different suggestions with no luck; it’s a struggle. Any suggestions would be […]

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