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  • Self-conscious Feet?

    Question: I’m afraid to get a pedicure because I’m really self-conscious about my feet and my feet are a little ticklish. What can I do? Paula’s Answer: This is a pretty common concern for people. Just remember we are the professionals and we see a lot of feet, so don’t feel embarrassed by this and […]

  • Texture for Fall 2013

    Textures are everywhere right now in fashion, nails & hair … you’re going to need the right tools! Paula’s Answer: The tools that you use are going to be so important. People are going to be falling in love with their natural texture again. Curl and wave is IN! Moisturizing is important to help with […]

  • Cherry Blooms

    New Brush-On Fibre Lashes by Cherry Blooms! Paula’s Answer: Cherry Blooms fibre-lash extensions are NEW to the salon, and I like to call them a semi-permanent lash. This is something you can take home in your purse and use it on a daily basis. It’s a great alternative to the Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions that […]

  • Professional Hairdryers

    Question: Why should I buy a professional hairdryer? Paula’s Answer: To achieve a look that the stylists can achieve, we do this with the support of professional products. Today, we are looking at professional tools, specifically, the hair dryer. First of all, the mechanics of the dryer and what it is made from (ions and […]

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