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  • Annual Holiday Signature Look


  • Holiday Hairstyles

    The Christmas season is approaching fast, which means we have holiday parties to attend! What kind of inspiration should we be looking to for our hair? Paula’s Answer: All lengths of hair are going to be “partied-up”, like really short styles, or styles that are shaved underneath, and of course medium and long lengths. Look […]

  • Dry Scalp

    Question: This time of year I always tend to get dry scalp, what can I do to prevent that? Paula’s Answer: Generally, the weather around us this time of year is probably one of the major factors contributing to this. It’s not only the air outside, but inside as well. We are usually turning the […]

  • Textured Cuts

    Question: I have really fine, soft hair, but I love styles that are very textured looking. How can I achieve this? Paula’s Answer: If you have a textured cut and want to show it off, it’s really important that you use the right product. For looks that are very textured you have to have support. […]

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