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  • Teen Skincare

    Question: My teenage daughter is going through some break-outs. She is cleansing and doing what she should be doing, but she’s still breaking out. What else could we be doing? Paula’s Answer: First thing I would ask her to do is come in and visit with one of our skincare professionals and let them have […]

  • Nail Polish, Best Results

    Question: I put my nail polish on, it looks good for a day, then it chips and it bubbles. What am I doing wrong? Paula’s Answer: You are not alone. Let’s walk through the steps of your manicure… The first thing you want to do is make sure is that your nails are clean. File […]

  • Tanning Before Vacation

    Question: My teenage daughter and myself are heading on a vacation down south. What can The Signature Salon do for me to help me get my tan ready before I go? Paula’s Answer: At The Signature Salon, we offer spray tanning that is applied professionally, and we can carry bottled products that provide a tan. […]

  • Travel Products

    Question: I want to take all of my tools with me while traveling…my irons, my products, etc. What are my options? Paula’s Answer: When you travel, you want to think small, but you want to think about quality. We carry full lines of blow dryers, curling irons, flatirons, and crimping irons that are all universal […]

  • Students, Hair on a Budget

    Question: I’m a student. I’m on a tight budget, but I love getting my hair coloured. I’m wondering what my options are? Paula’s Answer: I can give you beautiful results with budget in mind, and we do have student pricing, so that will help. My biggest thing I want you to consider is the consultation […]

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