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  • Changing Hair Styles

    Question: I need a change with my hair, but what do I need to consider in order to make sure that it will suit me and my lifestyle. Paula’s Answer:  We typically consider things like what type of hair to you have, your hairline and growth patterns, and we also look at your face shape, […]

  • PleCleanse Wipes

    Questions: I’m on the go a lot, and I travel often with work. What can you tell me about the Dermalogica PreCleanse Wipes? Paula’s Answer: We are so excited about the PreCleanse Wipes! The PreCleanse product is something we’ve had for awhile in the bottle, but now we have it in a wipe form. For […]

  • Gretchen Brushes

    Question: Does the brush really make a difference? Paula’s Answer: A brush is a tool and it’s a tool that really does make a difference. One of the brushes that we have at The Signature Salon, that is a brand new product for us, is called The Gretchen. It’s a round brush, and the collection […]

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