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  • Healthy Scalp

    Question: I’m finding my scalp really dry, and wondering what I can do? Paula’s Answer:  You are either going to be dry or oily. There are four main conditions of the scalp. You can have a dry-flakey scalp, an oily scalp, a dandruff scalp, or a combination. You are assessing these components to understand what […]

  • Spring/Summer Hair 2014

    Question: What’s trending for hair styles this spring/summer? Paula’s Answer: You are going to see all different lengths and a lot of natural textures this season. The hair will look a little more roughed-up. It will still be done, but have a more undone look and be lower maintenance. You’ll see a chunkier fringe and […]

  • How to get the MOST out of your CURLS

    Question: I love wearing my curls in the summertime, but often worry about frizz. What can you suggest? Paula’s Answer: We are really excited about a brand new product line that we are carrying at The Signature Salon called Devacurl. Devacurl is made specifically for “S’wavy, Wavy, Botticelli or Corkscrew” curls. It also has specific […]

  • Mother’s Day 2014

    Mother’s Day at The Signature Salon ~ This season, everything goes! Mom’s have so much to choose from at The Signature Salon. We have a great new system for your hair with new technology that helps smooth and control frizzy hair. This service can be done in the salon every 5 months. If you are […]

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