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  • What kind of curl do I have?

    Question: I have “kind of” curly hair, or hair with a little bit of curl to it. What can I do with it? What do you recommend? Paula’s Answer: First, it’s important to recognize what kind of texture your natural texture is. There is straight hair that can have a bit of flick to it, […]

  • Fun in the Sun

    It’s that time of year that a lot of people are planning their vacations to get out of the cold and into the sun. Make sure you stop into The Signature Salon before you go, because there are a lot of really useful products and tools for when you are going into a different climate […]

  • Tressa Root Concealer

    Question: What can I do to help mask my re-growth before my next hair appointment? Paula’s Answer: We have a great new product called Tressa Root Concealer. This is not a product that replaces your colour service, but it can help in that last week or so before your next appointment. In the past there […]

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