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  • Coloring Hair As We Age

    Question: What are the options I have for my hair color, as I’m aging? Paula’s Answer: You need to realize that your complexion changes as we age, and it’s really important that your hair colour compliments your complexion. If you were a really dark brown/black natural color, I would warm it up with lighter browns, […]

  • Wedding & Evening Looks

    We love wedding season at The Signature Salon, and there are some unique and creative styles for this year’s bridal season! Wedding season is upon us! At The Signature Salon we open early for our brides at 8:00am on Saturdays. We usually have 15 stylists and 7 estheticians available to help you achieve your Signature […]

  • Glop & Glam

    CLICK HERE for AUDIO re: glop & glam

  • Overnight Retinol Repair

    CLICK HERE for AUDIO re: Overnight Retinol Repair

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