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  • Kerasilk Smoothing System

    Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment This is a great service we offer for people with curly hair, wavy hair, or frizzy hair that you want help managing. This is an in-house treatment that we perform as designer. It’s called the Kerasilk Treatment, and it’s the first of it’s kind because we can customize the service giving you […]

  • Push Up Dry Thickening Spray | Big Sexy Hair

    VOLUME  •  VOLUME  • VOLUME Anyone that has fine hair would like it be to thicker and have more volume. The trending looks this spring will have volume! The product that I’d like to talk about is Sexy Push Up Dry Thickening Spray in the Big Sexy line. All of the red products in this […]

  • One United | Redken

    Question: I have fine-to-medium hair, but I love big hair! My hair is medium length and I feel like I’ve been trying to grow it forever. What more can I do? Paula’s Answer: I feel the biggest step she is missing is the foundation leave-in treatment. We have a brand new product at the Salon […]

  • Treat Your Favourite | Valentine for Two

    Happy Valentine’s Day ~ If you’ve never been to The Signature Salon, this is a great opportunity to come visit us with a friend. And if you’re already a client at the Salon, this would be a wonderful gift to introduce  your Valentine, your Mom, sister or dear friend to the salon. We’ve put together […]

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