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  • Changing Colour?

    Changing your hair colour or style? Be sure your stylist has a consultation with you! When you’re receiving a colour service, it’s so important that you have an in depth conversation with your stylist and share your thoughts on your colour. Tell your stylist about yourself! Tell them you swim, that you run or anything […]

  • Moroccanoil Texture

    Let’s Talk Texture…from roughed up glam to tousled tresses. Moroccanoil has been known for it’s smoothing, conditioning, and very shiny, soft looks. They have brought in a new line of three TEXTURE products. If you are someone who enjoys their natural texture, you will LOVE this line. The Beach Wave Mousse is ideal for a […]

  • Waxing vs Shaving

    Waxing vs Shaving There are so many benefits to waxing: -smooth, silkier skin -waxing pulls from the root, you aren’t simply blunting off the hair -waxing lasts longer -you are also removing all the dead cells -you can’t cut yourself (many women scar from shaving cut) Over time, because you are pulling from the root, […]

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